1 Year of Dates

Dear Sis,

Josh and I started our marriage hoping to have one date night each month. Life happened, and monthly dates were more like quarterly dates. This year, I anticipate we will do much better!

1 year of dates

One Year of Dates

  1. Play Twister,  Make Homemade Smoothies, & Drink them with Crazy Straws
  2. Make Dinner Together, Dress-up & Have a Candle-Lit-Dinner, & Share a Slow Dance
  3. Make a Bed Sheet Fort, Make Popcorn, & Watch a Movie in the Fort
  4. Play Golf, Winner Makes Dessert, & Loser Makes Dinner
  5. Pack a Wine & Cheese Picnic, Go for a Hike, & Have a Picnic
  6. Put on Bathing Suits & Wash the Cars
  7. Grill Dinner & Go Stargazing
  8. Make Brownie Bowls, Make Sundaes, & Watch a Movie Under the Stars
  9. Play Tennis (Best of Three), Winner Makes Dessert, & Loser Makes Dinner
  10. Pumpkin Carving Contest, Winner Makes Dessert, & Loser Makes Dinner
  11. Game Night Tournament (Each Choose 3 Different Games)
  12. Make Cocoa to Go & Drive Around to See Holiday Lights


Candles & Candle Sticks

Candles & Candle Sticks

Popcorn Containers & Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn Containers & Microwave Popcorn





Brownie Mix & Sprinkles


His & Hers Termal Cups & Hot Cocoa Packets





  1. b
    b says:

    January Date Night: I have fond memories of Twister as a child, but as an adult it sure has lost its shine! After two rounds, we made yummy smoothies. They were too thick to drink with crazy straws and so filling we were decapacitated for nearly an hour. Afterward, Josh confessed that just thinking about Twister makes him smell the unsavory scent of rubber and feet. Despite the failings of our date night, we happily anticipate next month’s!

  2. b
    b says:

    March Date Night: Actually occurred the first week of April. Josh had never built a blanket fort as a kid! …so I built the fort, he rented the movie (the newest Star Wars) and we had some popcorn with apple slices, just like daddy used to make for us.

  3. b
    b says:

    May Date Night: Actually occurred the last day of September. We had to change wine to sparking grape juice and our hike was only 1/4 mile, to make it a pregnant lady friendly date.

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