A Quick Wedding

Dear Sis,

I know you are eager to see some wedding photos even though you are still honey-mooning:)

The Dress

You didn’t need to swim through a sea of wedding dresses to find the one. You ordered your dress with confidence without even trying it one! Luckily, you ordered just before the dress was discontinued.

The Dress Portrait

Veil: a custom made 1930s Juliet Cap Bridal Veil by AgnesHart

Bridal Party

Bridesmaid Pattern

For the Bridesmaids, we chose option A, used kelly green silk taffeta, and accented the dress with floral ivory belt and matching hair comb.

Version 2

For the pregnant Matron of Honor, we lengthened option B and made 3/4 length sleeves to mirror the design choices of the other two bridesmaid dresses.

materinity dress

Lastly, you knitted us lovely shawls, which the 90+ degree day rendered unusable.

bridesmaid stole

Pattern Here

MOH:baby shawl

Pattern Here


Raccoon Township Fire Hall

The Hall

The Pavillion

Dining Tents

The Shower

The Ceremony


Fan Program

Guest Book & Gift Table

Guest Book:Gift Table

The card box was made by the grooms grandparents for their aunt’s wedding. Next spring, it will be used for a third time, Nate’s brother’s wedding!

Guest Seating

Seating Sign

The sign, remounted for your wedding, is from my marriage to Josh back in 2014.


Bride’s Mother’s Parents

Bride’s Father’s Parents

Groom’s Mother’s Parents

Groom’s Father’s Parents

Mother of the Bride

Mother and Step Father of the Groom

Father of the Groom

Bridesmaid & Groomsman – Friend of the Groom & Brother of Groom

Bridesmaid & Groomsman – Friend of the Bride & Friend of the Groom

Matron of Honor & Escort – Sister of the Bride & Brother-in-law of the Bride

Bride and Father of the Bride


Opening Address

Opening Address

Exchange of Vows


Unity Ceremony

Unity Ceremony

Ring Ceremony

Ring Ceremony

Pronouncement & Presentation




Ode to Joy, Ludwig van Beethoven



The Grill

John grilling hamburgers, veggie burgers, & turkey hot dogs

Buffet ii

Condiments, Burger Fixings, Veggie Tray, Potato Salad, & Fruit Salad

Buffet iii

Bar Cookies & Chips

Beverage Table

Beverage Table: Iced Tea, Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Fountain, Ice Water & lots of crazy straws!

The Cake

The Cake




Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss

Bounce House

Bounce House

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga



Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball

Pop Corn


Snow ConesSnow Cones

 Send Off

Decorating Team

I hope your honey moon is going well!




Cool-Aid Test

Dear Sis,

In my pre-wedding time, we had many tasks to accomplish. One of the silliest was testing cool-aid flavors to choose which, each of you liked best, and to see if they were any good mixed together. A dry run for the Cool-Aid Unity ceremony…





Mr. & Mrs. Wooley

Dear Sis,

Today, my good friend Speep, Brittany, and/or Pete (under whichever alias you know her best), got married to Cody.

Now she has a new alias, Mrs. Cody Wooley.


After the ceremony, there was a break in the excitement, while the happy couple got their photos taken. At which point, Thelma Lou, Spike, and I ventured to a little play scape on the corner of property were the wedding was help, to entertain the ever energetic Pheobe. Her three-year-old self was busy sliding, monkey baring, and walking the wooden beams that served as a barrier holding the wood chips around said play scape. For whatever reason, Pheobe was only satisfied if I walked the beams with her. That is when I noticed a tiny hopping thing, which, until I inspected it further, I believed it to be a cricket. I stopped to show Pheobe, and she was delighted. She carefully caught and held the little frog. 


As we walked the perimeter beams, we found dozens of little frogs. Pheobe decided that she wanted to give some to “Pete” as a wedding present. I took one of the mason jars drinking cups and we caught frogs for the newly weds. 


Pheobe very proudly added leaves to the jar, one for each tiny frog, then presented her gift to the bride. …to cute!




Inspection Day

Dear Sis,

Yesterday was home inspection day. While the inspector and Josh were searching the entire house for problems, I took photos of the rooms that were not pictured in the listing and measured all the rooms we are considering replacing flooring and the space in which a fridge has to fit. 

This first photo is the view of the entry/living room from the dining space. 

View of Front Door

This is the first hallway, that leads to a bedroom, the main bath, and the sewing room with the half bath.

Hallway 1

The tub/shower in the main bath. Some of the tile is loose near the faucet and two are even missing.

main bath 2

And finally, photos of “The Sewing Room!” This first one is from the doorway off the hall.

Sewing Room 2

And this second photo is from the doorway of the half bath attached to the sewing room.

Sewing Room 1

This is the half bath attached to “The Sewing Room.”

1:2 Bath

This is the hallway on the other side of the house.

Hallway 2

This last photo is, the other spare bedroom, just beside the master bedroom. This is probably where we will put the baby once he can sleep through the night.

Other Spare Bedroom

Inspection Summary

1. Gutters are not complete.

2. Grade on the left side of the house has low areas that will hold water that need filled and in the back grade soil is over the starter row of brick.

3. There appears to have some hail dents that should be checked for insurance coverage.

4. There is a small area that appears to be damage from a tree branch.

5. Gas vent pipes on the roof need the rain collars sealed. Furnace rain collar needs lowered.

6. Insulation is touching the gas appliance vent pipes.
7. There are some brick cracks that just appear to be cosmetic but still need filled.
8. Tub tile wall behind the faucet appears loose and tiles are loose.

9. Garage ceiling is damaged.
10. Garage door is locked.
11. The 2 small bathroom windows appear to have lost the vacuum seal.
12. There is some soot build up unit needs serviced.

13. Back fire wall brick appears out of place and should be checked.

14. Front tree is touching the roof line of the carport.

15. Main disconnect has two different size of fuses and should be checked. Main disconnect overload protection size appears too small for the house. There are knock outs missing on the main fuse box that need plugged.

16. Main feeder wires too the house are too close to the roof slope surface.

17. Sub panel in the water heater closet face plate is off. Wires interring the panel are missing the box clamps.

18. Sub panel in the master bedroom has missing box clamps on the wires interring the panel.

19. Smoke alarms are not tested. Inspection of location only. Not present. Locations Halls Bedrooms. Replace batteries every 6 months and when ownership changes.

20. Some exterior plugs do not have weather covers and some covers are broken.

21. There are several plugs in the house that tested no ground.

22. Middle bedroom plugs tested reversed polarity.

23. There is a junction box missing a cover plate over the carport and has a open wire hanging out of it.

24. Garage plugs tested no voltage except on those that tested no ground.

25. Laundry plug cover is missing.

26. Dryer plug is not secured to the wall.

27. Plug under the kitchen sink for dishwasher is loose from the wall.

28. Main furnace for the house is missing a box connector on the electric wires interring the unit.

29. There is a switch in the master addition furnace closet missing a cover plate.

30. Main gas furnace vent pipe is rusted and needs replaced.
31. Main house furnace needs serviced. Unit has some age to it and should have unit serviced every year.

32. Main house unit gas line is not steel interring the unit box and does not have a sediment trap.
33. Heater closets need sealed off from living air space.
34. Master addition furnace does not have a sediment trap in the gas line.
35. Left side a/c condenser is not level.
36. Toilet valve sounds odd and should be checked. Toilet tank is loose on bowl.

37. Side sewer clean out cap is damaged.
38. Laundry drain appears to be rerouted but vent pipe is venting into the attic.
39. Bath tub waist and over flow gasket appears to be leaking. Stopper is not working.
40. Water heater closet is not sealed off from the living air space.
41. Water heater vent pipe appears to be a single wall pipe not double.
42. Dryer vent needs cleaned.
43. Trash compactor does not work.

Old houses come with a lot of baggage. Now we need to go through the list and figure out which items we can do ourselves and which ones we’d like to ask the seller to take care of. Then, it is back to the negotiation phase.




A New Home?

Dear Sis,

Earlier this week Josh and I put an offer on a house. We offered $10,000 less than list price, but they countered by agreeing to a sale price reduced by $6,500. Today we accepted the counter offer. We have a home inspection scheduled for this coming Monday. Here are some pictures of the property I borrowed from the listing.

Mildred St

I really like the look of the home and the mature landscaping. It has a one car garage, I’m not sure is big enough to fit either of our cars:) But there is also covered parking for 2 cars, where our cars will fit.

Living A

The home enters into the living room. The photos are too dark to tell, but the carpets are pretty worn and dirty. We would like to put some sort of hard flooring in this space, as it is the entry as well as the living room. 

Living B

This is the living room looking from the opposite vantage point. The hallway, just visible in the far right of this photo leads to a nice size bedroom, the main bath, and what I have already titled “The Sewing Room.” 



Math Bath

Math Bath

Sadly, I don’t have a photo of “The Sewing Room” or the half bath attached to “The Sewing Room.”


Behind the living room space there is a tiled dining space with sliding door opening to the outdoor living space.


The kitchen is original to the 1970s home. The seller made it look nice with a coat of paint and new hardware, but unfortunately the new hinges are cheep and installed improperly. Josh and I hope to tear it all out and redesign it to fit our modern fridge and to be slightly larger.

To the right of the kitchen, there is a pantry/laundry room through which the indoor access to the garage is located. No pictures… sorry.

Everything to the left of the kitchen is an addition, made up of another bedroom and a master bedroom with an on-suite. 


Master Bedroom


Master Bath

The back yard has several interesting components. It has a green house, a shed that is rather decrepit and probably needs torn down, and one totally awesome covered patio that is practically an outdoor dining and living room. The sellers are happy to leave all the yard furniture if we want it. I think we can be agreeable to those terms:)

Outdoor Living

Hopefully, things will go smoothly and we will be able to close on or before September 9th.




Sour Cream Apple Berry Pie

Dear Sis,

The kiddos have been asking for apple pie! So I made this yummy pie for dessert.

Sour Cream Apple Berry Pie

Sour Cream Apple Berry Pie
Serves 8
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  1. 1 refrigerated pie crust
  1. 1/2 c fresh blueberries
  2. 1/2 c fresh raspberries
  3. 4 apples, peeled & chopped
  4. 3/4 c granulated sugar
  5. 3/4 c sour cream
  6. 1/2 c unbleached flour
  7. 2 eggs, beaten
  8. 1 T vanilla extract
Crumble Topping
  1. 1/4 c brown sugar
  2. 1/4 c flour
  3. 1/2 t cinnamon
  4. 1/4 t nutmeg
  5. 2 T soft butter
  1. Preheat oven to 375. Place prepared crust in a baking dish if it isn't in one already.
  2. Scatter berries over crust.
  3. Combine remaining filling ingredients and pour over berries.
  4. Combine dry crumble ingredients. Cut in butter. Sprinkle over apple layer.
  5. Bake 45 min - 1 hour. Cover with foil if browning is progressing too quickly. Cool at least 1 hour before serving.
Adapted from Olgas Cooking
Adapted from Olgas Cooking
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S’more Love Wedding Favors

Dear Sis,

I have tested and made adjustments to the S’more Mix Recipe we found on pinterest so that it fits our needs. Also, the sample packaging is complete and awaiting your approval before another paper crafting frenzy can commence. 

Smore Love Favors

S'more Mix
Serves 8
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  1. 3 cups golden graham cereal
  2. 2 cups mini marshmallows
  3. 1 c mini pretzels
  4. 1 c milk chocolate candy melts
  1. Line a jellyroll pan with parchment.
  2. Spread cereal, marshmallows, and pretzels over lined pan.
  3. Melt chocolate and drizzle over dry ingredients.
  4. Stand until chocolate is set. Store airtight.
Adapted from Like Mother, Like Daughter
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