Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear Sis,

I was pleasantly surprised with how many family members and friends went out of their way to wish me a Happy Birthday! 

You were first. Your gift came about a week early. The lovely reproduction earrings you sent have me daydreaming about sewing a new day dress with you! 

These earrings and other beautiful reproductions by Southern Serendipity are available: here

Josh really went wild for my birthday. He gave me a box of chocolates, two deliciously fruity Yankee Candles, and a new cordless Dyson vacuum! For a woman who has become obsessed by what is on the floor, as her seven month old crawls around licking it… it was a great gift!!!

My mother-in-law and company surprised me with these beauties!

Just when I thought all the awesome gifts had arrived…

my sister-in-law and family sent Shari’s Berries,

which arrived the day after my birthday.

…and then, at the end of the week

Mom’s gift for Mr. Baby and I arrived!

 Mr. Baby and I are always turning foods into purees. Now it will be easier to have those homemade foods even when we are not home. We can’t wait to try our new Squeeze Station and Pouches

Thanks to all the other family and friends that called, texted, sent Facebook messages, and mailed cards! You all created a very special week!!!