Baby Knit Sweater and Legging Set

Hi Sis,

I just completed a sweater and legging set for the baby. Our baby is due in June, so I made the 6-9 month old size, so hopefully it will fit Bonsai (Josh’s nickname for our baby) this winter. 

The sweater is from drops design, and is actually for a body suit. I decided I wanted it to be a sweater instead. It worked up quickly, and I just love the design! The back of it has a few buttons, so that it can make it over the baby’s head, while sporting a higher collar. Free pattern here.

The leggings are also from drops design. This was my first time knitting pants, and they were super easy. They also worked up very quickly. I imagine I will be making a few more pairs of winter leggings for our little one, to help with the cold season. Free pattern here.