Another Quick Wedding

Hi Sis,

This April, Nate’s oldest brother got married, and I got another awesome sister! We couldn’t be happier for the couple. here are some of the wedding details!!

Since, the wedding was in Cincinnati, we drove down to our hotel the night before. Nate’s father and grandparents arrived shortly after and we went to dinner at Skyline. Nate wanted to introduce me to Cincinnati chili, and I have to admit it is great stuff!

Afterwards, we met up with Nate’s mother’s side of the family. We went to a place called Top golf. Which, is essentially a mixture of golf and bowling, I suppose. lol You hit the golf ball, and aim for a large disk target in the field. Each ball has a chip, and it records your points based on how how close to the center of the target you hit, and which target you hit. (Some targets are farther away, and they are worth more points). It was a total blast, even for the few of us that didn’t golf at all. It turns out there are some very serious golfers in Nate’s family, and there are some seriously lame people like me that can barely hit the golf ball. But, we all had fun.

In the morning, we woke up early to help set up the wedding. Ellen and I went to Walmart to get sign making supplies, as people’s gps were sending them to the wrong park entry. We got terribly lost in Walmart, couldn’t find any employee’s to help us, and took over a half an hour to find some balloons, signs, markers and mason jars. Yeah, it was pathetic. But, the sign Ellen made was pretty darn cute!During the wedding prep, Mellisa approached us and asked Ellen and I if we would participate in the wedding and walk David (my father-in law) down the aisle. We both agreed. And before we knew it the wedding was starting!!

Okay, none of us look very photogenic. lol The path was just about to get narrower (barely big enough for two people), and we were three people wide. So we ended up walking down the aisle sideways. hehehehe

The wedding ceremony was written by the couple, and their best friend whom became an officiant for the event! It was super fast and sweet. And then the couple was wed!

The rest of the night followed by music, food and lots and lots of talking. I ended up being a table jumper, and kept hoping back and forth visiting different family members. We also got to enjoy some of the outdoors, as the wedding was in a hall at the park.Nate forced me to do the dreaded couple picture, when I came outside to give him a cup of water. What was I thinking, I should have just stayed in the hall. He would have been fine!!! I am pretty sure the photographer (whom didn’t speak English as his first language) told me pose and pretend that I thought I was pretty. lol

Oh, and one more picture of the beautiful bride in the wedding shawl I made!!! Thankfully, the weather was so nice that she didn’t really use it. But, she did put it on for a few photos.Love,



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