Baby on the Way

Hi Sis,

Well the secret is officially out! Nate and I are expecting a little one! We had a lot of fun telling our family the news over the holiday’s, as well as watching my belly start to get bigger. We both may have donned a permagrin when we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and watched it freestyle during the ultrasound… turns out our baby likes to move around. (Not to surprising to me, because I feel the flutters all time time. But, we are really looking forward to the kicks and punches so Nate can start to feel them too!)

Nate and I found out a few weeks before Thanksgiving, it was Brandy who told me first to take a pregnancy test. I guess getting queasy when bending over to get laundry out of the drier brought back memories. lol. Nate and I debated waiting till Christmas to tell family (we wanted to tell family in person), but I was too excited to hide it that long… and a little too morning sick, and big around the belly to avoid suspicion. 

The first trimester was probably the laziest period of my life. I didn’t know I could breathe while getting so little accomplished. I walked to the chicken coops, got out of breath, and wanted to sleep for two hours straight. I also spent a fair time on the couch realizing that I just shouldn’t eat certain foods anymore, or they were going to come back up. Who would have thought bananas could be soo traitorous! Or that, I could have a stuffy nose and still smell food two days after I cooked it.

Pregnancy has also changed a lot of how I do things. Now, I walk down the muddy trail to the chickens with extreme caution. Before, I just fell in the mud and laughed it off.  Now, I ask Nate to help me push the wheelbarrow of chicken poop, because shoveling out the coops is exhausting enough on it’s own. It has also changed what I’m allowed to do in Nate’s eyes. Our doctor gave us a phamphet with basic rules, and one of them was to not carry anything over 20 lbs!! Not sure how that works, people have toddlers that are heavier? But, now I am not allowed to carry 50 lb feed sacks, five gallon water buckets, or bags of sawdust out to the chickens. I am not used to being this wimpy, but to be honest the extra straining does tucker me out so fast, that I don’t mind avoiding it.

I’ve been having a lot of fun making baby stuff. If you knit and crochet, baby stuff is pretty much the best thing ever. It is like saying, “Look I made something adorable for my baby to wear, and it didn’t take me two years!” So far, I made a sweater, bunting bag, and some socks. All of which may not be useful for my spring/summer baby, but I couldn’t resist! I have a few other projects I am working on too. I can’t wait to get them posted on the blog.

 Mom told me to hold my hands up, because when they were down they were hiding the bump. lol Love,



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