Good-Bye Pie

Dear Sis,

Cousin Blue is headed back to Nashville in the morning. It was a fun visit! He and Josh got to go flying almost daily and Mr. Baby made a new friend:) To make our last night together special… I made good-bye cherry pie.

Pie decorating is nothing like cake decorating. Icing provides more structure. Try to write on a pie and the crust begins to crumble! The killer whale looking thing is supposed to be an airplane:)  




Happy Birthday Jamie!

Dear Sis,

We found this little number in an indoor flea market, a town over from ours, while we were waiting for TC to get finished up at the vet. We instantly thought of you with big smiles as it says this…

We hope your birthday is half as great as you are!

Lots of Love & Drooly Baby Kisses,

b and family


Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear Sis,

I was pleasantly surprised with how many family members and friends went out of their way to wish me a Happy Birthday! 

You were first. Your gift came about a week early. The lovely reproduction earrings you sent have me daydreaming about sewing a new day dress with you! 

These earrings and other beautiful reproductions by Southern Serendipity are available: here

Josh really went wild for my birthday. He gave me a box of chocolates, two deliciously fruity Yankee Candles, and a new cordless Dyson vacuum! For a woman who has become obsessed by what is on the floor, as her seven month old crawls around licking it… it was a great gift!!!

My mother-in-law and company surprised me with these beauties!

Just when I thought all the awesome gifts had arrived…

my sister-in-law and family sent Shari’s Berries,

which arrived the day after my birthday.

…and then, at the end of the week

Mom’s gift for Mr. Baby and I arrived!

 Mr. Baby and I are always turning foods into purees. Now it will be easier to have those homemade foods even when we are not home. We can’t wait to try our new Squeeze Station and Pouches

Thanks to all the other family and friends that called, texted, sent Facebook messages, and mailed cards! You all created a very special week!!!





Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Sis,

This year most of our gifts feature Mr. Baby. Here is what we came up with for the mamas in our life: a reusable shopping bag for our mama and a picture in a grandma frame for my mother-in-law.




Easter Treats for our School Friends

Dear Sis,

Sadly I won’t be able to make it to the Littles’ school Easter parties this year, because it is the same day I’ll be picking up Mom’s parents from the airport for their first visit with their first great grand-baby. Even if I’m not there, the boys will be happy to hand these festive treats to their friends:)


Disposable Decorating Bags

Green Tissue Paper

Clear Elastics

Orange Snack of Choice such as Goldfish




D.I.Y. Heart Pops

Dear Sis,

Today baby and I made Heart Pops for the boys Valentine’s Day parties at school. Baby watched intently, while mama made a mess of things. There is white chocolate on the baby sling! Luckily the result is satisfying:)

Heart Pops
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  1. 2 mini candy canes (per pop)
  2. white candy melts or coating chocolate
  3. crushed peppermint candies
Additional Supplies
  1. lollipop sticks
  2. treat bags
  3. twist ties
  1. Line preparation surface with parchment.
  2. Melt white chocolate in the top portion of a double boiler.
  3. Arrange candy canes in pairs, in the shape of hearts, placing lollipop sticks in the middle.
  4. Spoon melted chocolate into each heart. Sprinkle with crushed peppermint candies. Stand until set.
  5. Package in individual treat bags.
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A gift for Josh

Dear Sis,

Josh loves to lose things, as anyone who has known him for more than a day knows. So this year, I got him something to help him find his keys. 

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Then, because I’m me, I made a scavenger hunt so he could “find” his gift:)

Scavenger Hunt

This time your wife really did hide your keys. 

Seek if you please and find them with ease.


Wear them all day for work or for play.

Wear them to sleep for warm toes to keep.

Lining a shoe is what they can do.

Have you guessed, or do you need another clue?

We are best in pairs, folded with love, and packed away snug. 

Find our home, and you’ll know where next to roam.

Location: Sock Drawer


Have us with dinner or lunch, to add some crunch.

Salty, not sweet, is this favorite treat.

Being bright yellow is hardly discreet.

Will you find a clue or something to eat?

Location: Bag of Lays Potato Chips


In a basket we dwell.

Keeping baby clean and dry is what we do well.

Find this clue fast, before we get used and begin to smell.

Location: Baby’s Changing Basket


When hunger comes to call, you’ll need us quick.

Our job might seem small, but we wait patiently, stacked tall,

  in a white cupboard tethered to the wall.

Keys don’t belong here! No, not at all.

Location: Dish Cupboard


Misplacing your keys is just something you do.

Here’s something to help, and I love you!

Location: On the Gift

Not only did Josh get a kick out of having to hunt for his present, but he also is excited to try it out… and hopefully lose his keys less:)