Decorating for the Holidays

Dear Sis,

We are moving in about six weeks, so I couldn’t go crazy this holiday season, but I was feeling antsy about doing something. The baby is a big motivator for celebrating at every opportunity!

Our first three winters, as a family, passed without the fuss of decorating, so this is our first family Christmas tree. Drum roll please! Are you ready for this?! Don’t get overwhelmed.

I almost bought a 7′ pre-lit pencil tree for $40.00. Despite the bargain, I walked away hearing my husband’s grumbles in my head about another thing to move:)

Equal representation on the Daddy and Mommy side of things. We didn’t bother with either holiday last year, but this year Mr. Baby will celebrate all month long:)

I threw this together this morning while we were talking on the phone. It turned out stunning! We can use it again next year… at the new house:)




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