First Knit Bib

Hi Sis,

Saturday night I finished my cute knit sweater (post to come) and was browsing Drops design for more inspiration. That was when I saw a few knit bibs. They were very pretty, but I wasn’t about to spend hours cabling a bib, and all the other simple knit bibs I saw online weren’t my taste. That was when I saw giggles. A fast knit, with something intricate enough to prevent boredom. I wonder how well knit bibs will work? This one is made out of a sport weight cotton, a little bit thinner then the wash clothes I make for you. It is so soft!

I added a small tab to the back of the bib, as the neck area looked a bit small. It is an adjustable pattern as you can button it anywhere along the side of the bib. 

Here is the free pattern


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