Meet TC

Dear Sis,

A little orange cat has been hanging around our house since last week. Monday, while Mr. Baby and I were wondering around in the yard, the orange cat decided we could be friends. He followed us all around the yard, to and from the mail box, and to the front door. He was hopeful to join us when we went inside, but we didn’t invite him in. He remained on the door step the remainder of the morning and all afternoon. Each time we would go in or out it was a real challenge to keep him out. 

After talking to neighbors to make sure it wasn’t one of their new cats, talking with Josh, and our land lady, we made a vet appointment for the little guy for the following day and spent part of the evening shopping for kitty supplies. 

TC (Texas Cat) has a clean bill of health and got to come inside yesterday afternoon. We had a good first night together:)

TC was hoping for some attention while Mr. Baby was nursing, but I made him wait to cuddle up in my lap until after Mr. Baby was tucked into his crib for the night.



… and the following morning.



  1. b
    b says:

    Yesterday on our walk we saw a lost cat poster. TC is back with his original family now. We miss him! We had a great couple of weeks together:)

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