Week Five – Pence Jug Knit Along

Wow, it is hard to believe that it is the final week of the pence jug knit along! This week, we are adding the handle and rings to our pence jugs, as well as weaving in the ties.

Week Four

New things to learn

  • Picking up stitches with a Crochet Hook Video

From the very top of your pence jug, pick up five stitches with a crochet hook or knitting needle. I like to pick my stitches up near the joining of the jug, right were I joined my stitches in the round. This way if you have a slight jog in your stitches, you can use the handle to hide it.

If any of your stitches loosen, take the time to make sure they are taunt before you start knitting. Here the very last stitch of my row needed tightened.

Row 1: k1 with bead, k3, k1 with bead

Row 2 & 4: purl

Row 3: k2, k1 with bead, knit 2

Repeat Rows 1 – 4 until your handle is the length you desire. (I prefer make mine four inches long)

Understanding Right Side & Wrong Side

This is the right side of your pence jug handle. As you can see the beads and knit side of your work, are facing the outside of the jug, when the handle is folded down.

This is the wrong side of your handle. If you hold it straight up from your jug and fold it forward, you will see the purl side of your work.

Once your handle is the desired length, bind off. Leave a tail long enough to sew and weave the ends in. Slide on your ring and thread your sewing needle.
Attach your handle just above the second row of beads. Tie your knot on the inside of your work and weave your tail there too. Finish your work by weaving in all your tails.

Weave tails through the underside of your work. This will make it so you can not see your tails on the outside of your pretty jug.

Yay! You have completed your pence jug! I can’t want to see the pretty pictures of your jugs on Raverly and Facebook!

Best wishes,

Jamie Quick

copywright2017 – this pattern is for personal use only. This pattern is not to be sold or redistributed.


Good-Bye Pie

Dear Sis,

Cousin Blue is headed back to Nashville in the morning. It was a fun visit! He and Josh got to go flying almost daily and Mr. Baby made a new friend:) To make our last night together special… I made good-bye cherry pie.

Pie decorating is nothing like cake decorating. Icing provides more structure. Try to write on a pie and the crust begins to crumble! The killer whale looking thing is supposed to be an airplane:)  




Mango Cutting

Dear Sis,

Peeling a Mango with a vegetable peeler, then trying to cut around the pit as it slips around is a fiasco! Tonight while I was preparing a pair of mangos for baby food, I decided to try a trick I’ve seen on Pinterest.

First, slice the sides of the mango away from the pit.

Second, trim the salvageable fruit away from the pit.

Third, score fruit into cubes, taking care not to cut through the skin.

Fourth, press the skin upward, and carefully slice cubed fruit free of skin.

The first try was rough! The second mango went much better. With some practice, I bet I could get really fast at mango cutting:)



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Happy Birthday Jamie!

Dear Sis,

We found this little number in an indoor flea market, a town over from ours, while we were waiting for TC to get finished up at the vet. We instantly thought of you with big smiles as it says this…

We hope your birthday is half as great as you are!

Lots of Love & Drooly Baby Kisses,

b and family



Hi Sis,

Nate has been trying to encourage me to feed birds, so we can have pretty birds to look at while eating breakfast. I wasn’t interested in bunch of birdseeds and poop everywhere, and we already have so many pretty birds to look at outside the widows. Seriously, our new house has so many amazing and beautiful birds that I’ve never seen, and we have Red Wings, Cardinals, and these ultra yellow birds (not gold finches) and red finches everywhere. But, when Nate offered to get me a cute hand painted hummingbird feeder, I couldn’t resist. Those guys are just too cute.

The day after I hung the feeder, a little hummingbird decided our house was a great place to frequent. I named our hummingbird Hercules, and enjoy seeing him multiple times a day at the feeder. He even decided to drink on Monday, when I was outside sitting on the porch.

I know it isn’t a good picture, but how does one get a good shot of a hummingbird? 





Tex-Mex Night

Dear Sis,

Cousin Blue already had Texas barbecue while the Grannys and Aunts were in town, so the remaining food experience we had to share with him… some good Tex-Mex! We used to buy it for visitors, but I’ve gotten so good at making it during our time here, I made some homemade. 

Tex-Mex Menu

Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas on Fresh Baked Tortillas

Ready to Cook Flour Tortillas can be found in the refrigerator section of most grocery stores.

Mexican Rice

Fried Ice Cream

Mexican Rice
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  1. 2 T avocado oil
  2. 3/4 c long grain white rice
  3. 2 c chicken stock
  4. 1 c frozen corn
  5. 1 c frozen peas
  6. 2 minced serrano peppers
  7. 1 diced white onion
  8. 1 diced roma tomato
  9. 1 peeled and diced carrot
  10. 2 T tomato paste
  11. 1 t minced garlic
  12. 1/2 t salt
  1. Lightly brown rice in oil over medium-high heat. Stir frequently to avoid burning.
  2. Add remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low and cook 20 minutes or until chicken stock is absorbed.
  3. Remove from heat. Rest 5 minutes and fluff with a fork before serving.
Adapted from Tastes Better From Scratch
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Week Four – Pence Jug Knit Along

Welcome back to the knit along! This week, we are doing our very last repeat of the two beaded and purled rows, and then you are going to decrease and graft off the bottom of our pence jugs! If you are new to grafting, I recommend practicing with some heavier yarn and larger double pointed needles. Make sure you have completed week 3 before you continue onwards.

Week Three (Link)

Helpful Video’s

  • How to knit (not sew) the kitchener stitch. Video here
  • Regular kitchener Stitch with sewing needle. Video here

Rows 51 – 52: Knit with beads

Rows 53 – 54: purl

Rows 55 – 56: Knit with beads

Time to work on the bottom of your pence jug!

Row 57: *K7 stitches, k1 with a bead* repeat from * to * seven more times (8 beads total)

Row 58: K5 stitches, k2tog, *k6, k2tog* repeat from * to * till last stitch, k1

Row 59: *K6, k1 with bead* repeat from * to * seven more times 

Row 60: K4, k2tog, *k5, k2tog* repeat from *to* till last stitch, k1

Row 61: K5, k1 with bead *repeat from *to* seven more times.

Row 62: k3, k2tog, *k4, k2tog* repeat from * to * till last stitch, k1Row 63: *K4, k1 with bead* repeat from * to * seven more times.

Row 64: K2, k2tog, *k3, k2tog* repeat from * to * till last stitch, k1

Row 65: *K3, k1 with bead* repeat from * to * seven more times

Row 66: K1, k2tog, *k2, k2tog* repeat from *to* until last stitch, k1

Row 67: *K2, k1 with bead* repeat from *to* seven more times.

If you have larger hands and can’t imagine doing one more decrease row, then you can divide your stitches onto two needles and graft them on now. 

Row 68: k2tog, *k1, k2tog* repeat from *to* till last stitch, k1

Divide stitches evenly onto two needles, and graft off (16 stitches or 8 stitches/needle)

You have completed week four of the pence jug knit along! Next week we will add the handle, ring, and do all the finishing touches to complete your coin purse! 

Week Five

Happy Knitting!!!


copywright2017 – this pattern is for personal use only. This pattern is not to be sold or redistributed.