Pumpkin Carving Contest

Dear Sis,

Remember the Year of Dates gift I gave Josh for Christmas two years ago? We are still working on it:) Last October, Josh was in Atlanta getting a type rating, and I was so full of baby I looked like I had swallowed a pumpkin! 

    I got to work on my pumpkin during Mr. Baby’s nap, using a pumpkin carving kit and pattern I had picked up at the store. All the finishing touches were completed while Daddy and Mr. Baby made a run to the airport. I’ve carved serval pumpkins over the years… none too impressive. This is my best one to-date. 

    Somehow, my husband made it 30+ years without ever carving a pumpkin! He drew his design on with a Sharpie and started cutting. When he finished cutting around the top, he grabbed the stem and lifted it free. The stingy seedy mess that came with the pumpkin top caused a stream of disgusted expressions, “Eww!!! That’s nasty! What is that stuff?” and so on. “How do I get that out?” he asked me. “You scoop it out,” I said plainly. The look on his face was priceless as he realized that he would have to reach into the detestable insides of his pumpkin. I offered to do it for him, but he insisted that he wouldn’t be able to beat me fair and square if I helped. 

    I spooned snack into Mr. Baby’s waiting mouth, to a series of muttered complaints of dismay at the grotesqueness of pumpkins. I was laughing so much, Mr. Baby decided it was funny too! At this point, Josh had his hand inside the pumpkin, with his face turned as far away as possible. “It even stinks!” he said, choking on his words a little. “It’s almost as bad as egg,” he declared. 

    Those who know Josh, know that he has a strange and passionate loathing for eggs and many of the foods that contain them indiscreetly. Mr. Baby and I boomed with another round of laughter. “I’m so sorry Josh! I had no idea you’d find pumpkin carving so gross, when I made that date night gift.” I said, between bursts of laughter. 

    Mr. Baby and I went on a walk, so Daddy could work in peace. He was making the last cuts and wiping them clean when we returned. Together, we walked to the neighbors to let our judge know we were ready for his expert opinion. Our judge eagerly let himself out of his gated back yard, his mom and baby brother trailing behind.

    The two-and-a-half year-old that would decide the success of our pumpkin carving, rambled as he walked about all the little things that caught his eye. When he saw the pumpkins, he was eager to lay hands on them, but his mom warned him to stay back from our fragile candle-lit works of art.

    He looked them both up and down with careful consideration. Then his mom prompted, “Do you like the kitty one, or the Halloween scene with the moon, bat, and pumpkin best?” “The kitty,” he replied quickly. Josh had won the contest! All of his pain and suffering was forgotten, as a grin emerged on his face. “I knew he would pick the kitty,” he said. “Kids always pick animals.”

    Our judge’s youth made it necessary for him to preside over our case before dark. He had a scheduling conflict with bedtime, so he never go to see their full affect.

Whether I was outsmarted or out-carved is still up for debate:)

Happy Halloween!





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