The Big Move

Dear Sis,

Our Final Days in Texas

On January 8th, Dad arrived in Texas. We stopped for dinner with friends on the way home. It was nice to get to say goodbye while eating yummy Tex-Mex.

On January 9th, Josh got a moving truck. We hired movers to help with the big stuff. After a day of packing, it became clear that we didn’t have a big enough truck for the job.

Mr. Baby discovered how holding hands made the precarious task of learning to walk much easier. 

On January 10th, Josh picked up a trailer to accommodate our remaining possessions while Dad, Mr. Baby, and I went to our neighbor friends for breakfast. After our meal, Dad and I headed back to help Josh finish the packing and cleaning, while Mr. Baby stayed behind to play one last time with David and Merrill. 

We finished loading the truck around 2PM. Picked up Mr. Baby and made the 8 hour drive to Little Rock, Arkansas.


On January 11th, we were supposed to have an “easy day of driving.” Only 5 hours to Nashville, Tennessee! The weather had other ideas. Snow and ice slowed things down to a near standstill for 2 hours, while a 20+ car pileup, on the other side of the interstate, made our easy drive into a painfully long one. After another long day in the car, spending the following day visiting with Nashville family was a welcome thought to fall asleep too.

January 12th, was a great day at Granny’s enjoying grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was glorious after two hard cold days on the road! Mr. Baby and I were so tired we napped after breakfast.

On January 13th, Granny Bob met us at the hotel for a farewell breakfast and we set off for the final 5 hours of our drive to our new home. My anticipation grew with each passing hour. We stopped for lunch an hour out. Mr. Baby pretended to feed Dad while we waited for our food to arrive.

Getting to the new house was a feeling like I can’t describe! Seeing our new home for the first time, I felt relief that our trip was over, but tried not to think too much about all the work the lie ahead in following days. 





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