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Meet Brandy: (The Older Sister)

2014: Hello, I’m Brandy, a detail oriented, frilly loving, girly-girl, and bossy big sister.  I am also a newly wed freshly transplanted in west Texas. The desert is a big contrast to the lush wooded hills of southwestern Pennsylvania where I grew up. I enjoying cooking and eating healthfully, the textile arts and crafting, and keeping a clean organized home.

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2015: Hello again, life has been keeping me busy with a move to the Austin area and a new job as a Nanny of two little boys. I still enjoy cooking, crafting, and organizing, but I’ve found a new love… blogging:)

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2016: Hey everyone, now I can add expecting Mama to the list.  Although I still love the same things, taking care of more and more people means less time, so you’ll notice my recipes and D.I.Y. projects are less time consuming than they used to be:) I’m sure you busy readers won’t mind the shift!

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Gettysburgh 2013

Gettysburgh 2013

Meet Jamie: (The Younger Sister)

2014: Hi Y’all. I’m The Jamiegoof, Brandy’s silly country bumpkin little sister. I’m completely overrun with chickens and loving it! I like tinkering in the kitchen, eating unhealthily, (Come on. Cake and pies are the good stuff!), annoying my older sister, playing in the dirt, being confused by textile projects, devouring books and playing games.


2016: Life sure did change direction this year. In August, I married my sweetheart and moved to Ohio. Our home is a lovely brick ranch with six acres, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Dozer, and of course lots and lots of chickens!

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