Visiting and Helping with the Move

Dear Sis… you know this post is soo overdue. lol Don’t worry, I will back-post it, so that it appears that I wrote it on the proper date… instead of a month later. 

Brandy and family finally moved to Ohio. Mom and I couldn’t wait to go visit, and help with the move. So, we took off on Thursday afternoon, so that we would actually have a full two days to help with the move. Thankfully, mom was willing to make the drive, even though she had to drive two extra hours to pick me up. I was still dealing with car sickness in the car, and doing a five hour trip on my own would have been terrible! Plus, mommy has the larger car, and boy did we load that thing up with Brandy’s supplies that we have been storing and a pile of Christmas gifts from all the grandma’s, who didn’t want to ship gifts so close to moving day!

We arrived super late on Thursday night, but everyone was awake to say hi! Then mom and I settled into one of the spare rooms for the night. I was so nervous I was going to wake everyone up on my nightly pregnant woman bathroom adventures. But, mom (the worlds lightest sleeper) was exhausted.

The first day, we actually didn’t get much accomplished. Turned out the carpet cleaner was coming, and we couldn’t move anything upstairs until the carpet was cleaned and dried. So, the pile of stuff remained in the living room and we all spent quality time visiting.

Afterwards, we drove Joshling (Brandy’s hubby) to work.

Playing with the produce I made him. I’ll turn him into a farmer yet! lol

The next morning, our moving crew was awake and ready to start the day! We had the crew every family would want to move their furniture… a young woman with an fourteen month old, a tiny grandma and a pregnant lady. As you can imagine we hauled that pano up the staircase with ease… just kidding we left it and the dresser downstairs smack dab in the middle of the living room floor. But, we did move lots of boxes up the stairs, so that Brandy could organize everything later. We also did some cleaning, cooking, and playing!

Looks like it is Eggplant for dinner folks!

The trip went all to fast. On Sunday we had a quick brunch and started our five hour trip back to the house. Mommy ended up sleeping over our place, and taking the two hour trip back to her home the next morning. So, I got to enjoy the company for another day.. and we all may have stayed up to late watching Princess Bride. 







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