A Peachy Sheer

Alright, so I might have abandoned my blog for the past six months.  But, I’m back! And here is my peachy sheer summer dress, just in time for winter 🙂

This was a different project for me, as my sudden change in taste not only surprised myself, but also my sister and friends.  I have always chosen drab browns and blue fabrics, as they are practical colors for a dirt grubber such as myself, and their combination with my skin color doesn’t make me appear jaundice.  Yes, I might have that awkward skin tone that is somewhere between white and yellow/orange.

But, for some reason I couldn’t pass up this flowery peach sheer fabric.  Bright and chipper, I couldn’t help but to smile when I saw it.  I decided it turn it into a summer sheer dress, despite my sister’s distaste for the “ugly and retro” fabric.


Next, I had to pick a pattern for my dress.  Even though they aren’t often the most flattering cut, I knew I wanted an O bodice.  As, I might have been obsessed with this pattern in my younger years.

next pattern

I didn’t end up using the simplicity pattern.  Though, my sister did make the belt for for my basic cotton day dress and it is quite lovely.  I will have to post that another day.  Instead, I selected the sheer dress from past patterns.  Which, had a rather extensive instruction pamphlet to help a novice such as myself.


The dress went together rather smoothly, and wasn’t that difficult to make.  Thankfully, I had my older sister to help me fit the bodice.  Plus, as an O bodice it didn’t have to be as fitted to look good.  I lined the bodice with white cotton, and did a hook and eye front.  Which, I did mess up by the way.  I didn’t know that one side of the bodice was supposed to overlap the other.  But, my goof isn’t that apparent until you see the bottom of the bodice, where there is a visible hole in the closing between two hooks and eyes.  Thank goodness for belts and aprons!
The dress complete…and in need of ironing.  I really should get a better photograph of it too.
jamie's sheer

What I would change

1)  The bodice closure.  If it wasn’t a sheer fabric, I would be tearing this thing apart and fixing the bodice so it overlaps and there is no gap.  
2) The sleeves.  The sleeves in this pattern have no cuffs.  They are gathered with an elastic band.  It is pretty, simple, and fast.  But, it isn’t sustaining, and I’m not sure how accurate it is.  I want to take it out, and add a basic white cuff.  That would help keep the sleeves clean and wear better.
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Written by: Jamiegoof